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Design & Implementation of Secure Grant Management Application


Molaprise is recognized as an innovative IT service provider, specializing in cloud-based solutions and is committed to delivering excellence with a security-first mindset.


A Large Financial Organization (FinanceCo) relied on their legacy grant management application for processing capital grants, which was running on an unsupported Microsoft SharePoint 2013 environment. The pressing need to upgrade this system led them to seek a new solution that maintained their operational standards.


Molaprise swiftly created an advanced alternative for the grant management application with Microsoft Dynamics 365, employing a dynamic approach and a structured governance model to enhance stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Key Interventions

  • Developed a comprehensive replacement for the grant management application using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Implemented a multi-tier governance framework to streamline engagement.
  • Utilized proactive project management strategies to mitigate and address potential risks.
  • Provided expert advice for business process enhancement.
  • Enabled automation for improved data management and reporting capabilities.


FinanceCo now benefits from a contemporary application, powered by Dynamics 365, which effectively superseded the outdated system. The project not only surpassed speed expectations but also enhanced operational productivity, leading to client contentment.


The project exemplifies Molaprise’s proficiency in applying modern IT solutions to overcome current challenges and prepare clients like FinanceCo for future advancements. This case study highlights Molaprise’s commitment to delivering bespoke, secure, and efficient IT services.