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Managed Services

Molaprise as a company born-in-cloud with a security first, handles its internal operations in the Azure Infrastructure and has a very robust architecture and process in place.


Expert-led 24/7 Managed Security Services: Proactive, Strategic, Unbreakable

Empower your business with Molaprise’s elite cybersecurity managed services. Elevating defenses, proactive threat management, and strategic insights ensure your data’s safety, 24/7. Trust us to be your unassailable digital shield.

Managed Extended Detection & Response (MDR)

A dedicated team of security experts who monitor your network around the clock to keep you one step ahead of threats using modern technology such as EDR & NGAV.

Managed VAPT

An effective vulnerability assessment & penetration testing as well as VAPT lifecycle management, which can be leverages to patch known vulnerabilities. Analyze the results and draft directed and effective strategies to deal with threats.

Managed Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Plan, Design & Execute periodic BC/DR plan well in advance before a disaster hits. Also get a full managed services support during the disaster.

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Secure Your Success: Elevating Protection, 
Empowering Growth.

Improved Business Focus

Liberate your focus for core business activities, while we ensure your cybersecurity needs are met.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Leverage cutting-edge threat intelligence for predictive, proactive security measures.

Access To Security Experts

Direct access to seasoned cybersecurity experts, offering tailored, strategic advice.


Adaptable cybersecurity solutions that grow with your business, ensuring long-term protection.

Improved CyberSecurity Posture

Elevate your defense with our robust cybersecurity framework, minimizing risks and vulnerabilities.

Fast Response To Incidents

Benefit from swift, decisive actions against cyber threats, minimizing potential damage.

Cost Optimizations

Reduce operational costs with our efficient, all-encompassing cybersecurity services.

Automated Threat Detection & Response

Embrace automation for real-time threat detection and response, enhancing security efficiency.