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A Mola Perspective Of The 2024 Cisco Talent Expo

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The 2024 Cisco Talent Expo brilliantly connected talented professionals with Cisco’s Partners. With a focus on diversifying the partner eco-system, Cisco organized the Elevating Excellence Talent Development Expo to do just that. Held virtually and in-person, partners sought to connect with attendees, helping them to explore job opportunities and enhance their professional skills.   Molaprise, represented […]

Why Your Business Needs an IT Infrastructure Upgrade 

In the relentless pursuit of success, businesses stand at a crossroads where the choice between progression and stagnation becomes clear – the state of your infrastructure. Why is clinging to outdated infrastructure no longer an option? Let’s discuss the pitfalls, challenges, and missed opportunities that come with relying on yesterday’s technology.

Embracing security resilience for the hybrid work era

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Hybrid work is here to stay. According to our survey, only 9 percent of the global workforce plans to return to the office full time. Employees have become accustomed to working from home and on-the-go, and modern organizations will need to keep up with this shift to retain much-needed talent.

The SASE story: How SASE came to be, and why it has quickly become the default architecture

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has quickly become one of the hottest topics related to cloud, networking, and security architectures. As Cisco engineers, we have seen hesitation and confusion among some customers on what SASE really means. We hope to answer most of those questions here.

What is SASE, and how is it related to the Cloud Edge, Zero Trust, and SD-WAN? SASE has positively impacted how we run our IT organization, and how we envision Enterprise IT customers will run theirs. To accurately explain what SASE is, and why SASE came to be, we must look at the evolution of how data is stored and transported within an enterprise.