"Our very existence as a company is not just for profit, but to impact lives and thus, investment in our Next Generation of Talents is a call to duty for us”. Emmanuel Ola-Dake (Founder, Molaprise).

NextGen Mission Statement

Our mission is to impact lives through various programs which support and educate the younger generation. We have dedicated our efforts to working with young people aged 18-25 to teach tech skills, provide employment and create a safe space for learning and development.    

About the Program

Our program is competitive aimed at nurturing talents and equipping them to make a meaningful impact in our technological world. The program is targeted at young minds ready to explore, discover, innovate, and deliver next generation technological solutions. We are currently running two programs, these include: 

Alpha Lab

For a period of 6 months, selected young talents will be equipped with practical knowledge from industry leading experts coupled with leadership and interesting social activities. Participants will be given a chance to receive corporate level expertise and certifications from industry giants like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Dell, AWS, Fortinet, HPE, among others.

Molaprise Internship

This is an intensive 6-weeks summer program that runs in all our offices with the aim of coaching our participants into becoming technical leaders or experts. At the end of each program the participants will be given an opportunity to present a real-life technology solution to a panel of judges. It promises to be challenging and exciting!

Our Objectives Include:

Develop the technology skills of participants
  • Increase chances of success in securing an entry-level role
  • Support the soft-skills development of participants to ensure they remain competitive in the application process
  • Enable the participants to establish their short & long-term professional goals
Encourage intercontinental tech collaboration
  • Impart skills needed to create effective collaborative team projects
  • Educate participants on cultural differences and position them to be versatile in their leadership journey
  • Increase awareness of online collaborative tools needed

Eligibility – Alpha Lab

This is a competitive program and to be eligible, candidates should: 

Be a recent graduate and completed any applicable post graduate service requirements

Have less than 2 years of working experience

Be able to join a full-time program for a minimum of 6 months

Be committed to completing all required certifications or assigned projects

Eligibility – Molaprise Internship

This is a competitive program opened to all undergraduate students on summer holidays who are ready to be coached and mentored 

Partner with us

Financial Donations

Monetary donations help maintain Molaprise NextGen initiative for a sustainable future for the world’s youth through supporting the needs and prerequisite of each stage in the program – from Induction to Final Presentations and everything in between.


We are always looking for professionals to support our program. Whether you are giving 1 hour of your time to coach a young person on their presentation skills; or committing 6 hours over 6 weeks to run a technical skills class we have an opportunity for you!

In-Kind Gifts

Program gifts such as software licensing, computer hardware, and training workshops boost Molaprise NextGen’s effectiveness by enabling the participants to get direct, hands-on experience with basic tools every IT engineer should know.

Word of Mouth

The simplest and one of the most effective ways to support us is by sharing the details of our work with our network and beyond to get the word out about the work we are doing. You could become our advocate or ambassador for this great initiative.

Key Focus Areas

Training and Development

We provide the best possible training, education and development for the upcoming technology leaders


We provide the skills needed to lead effectively, including the often-tricky skills needed to persuade and influence people.

Emerging Technologies

We provide participants with up-to-date technological advancement in the modernization of industries.

Talent Alignment

We help develop the right talents of participants needed to help achieve strategic objectives and visions of the organization.