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Highlights Of NYC Small Business Expo

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Molaprise participated in the first ever NYC Small Business Month Expo held at Pier 36 on May 29th 2024. Boasting over 10,000 registrants, the event marked the climax of NYC Small Business Month, thus shining a spotlight on the vibrant community of small businesses and providing a wealth of free resources to address the diverse needs of business owners.  

Our CEO, Emmanuel Ola-Dake, took the stage to share our journey alongside distinguished guests Tamekia Flowers-Ball, Ana Diaz, Maureen Fairlie, and Megha Jain Garg. Moderated by Kenneth Ebie, they shed light on the journeys, successes, and challenges faced by NYC entrepreneurs in the world of business and technology. 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Commissioner Kevin D. Kim. Then, Mayor Eric Adams delivered an inspiring keynote address, emphasizing the critical role of community support and resilience in fostering a thriving small business ecosystem. He also recognized Michael Garner for his unwavering dedication to women and minority-owned businesses, and many other leaders who left their imprints in diverse ways as a testament to the city’s commitment to nurturing local enterprises. 

The panel discussion was a captivating blend of insights, practical advice, and real-life experiences. The event concluded with an open forum providing exposure to numerous businesses, city agencies, partners and vendors. It highlighted the collaborative spirit that defines NYC’s small business community, which Molaprise proudly participates in and supports. 

The success of the NYC Small Business Expo reinforces the importance of supporting the city’s rich network of small businesses. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a monumental event where we gained valuable insights and connections that will fuel our continued growth.  

Together, we are shaping the future of small business in NYC; one innovation, one partnership, and one success story at a time. 

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