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Front and Back Office Integration

What we focus on

From trading systems to custom applications, with our team of experts and our partner solution, you would be able to ramp up your digital initiative better and faster.  We leverage emerging technologies to harness outcomes expected by the fund or portfolio managers, aggregated data sources from OMS/EMS, Reference data, Risk, and Accounting Systems. We have a 100% success rate! That’s why we are called the Experts!


For network administrator and IT/operations teams, configuration changes to critical network infrastructure are integral to everyday life. Customers are already struggling with resource constraints caused by manual network changes and human errors. Regardless, it’s imperative for organizations to ensure that network changes are validated to adhere to organizational policies. An automation solution is desired to improve operational efficiency, reduce complex labor-intensive tasks and IT failures, and improve ROI where these changes can be detected immediately, analyzed for compliance, and solved through quick remediation.


●     Increase operational efficiencies and reduce costly errors through automation of complicated Methods and Operating Procedures (MOPs)

●     Improve business agility and enable competitive services to quickly respond to demand

●     Reduce the risk of failed operations by integrating and automating legacy service environments and new service definitions

●     Deliver faster return on automation investment by leveraging intellectual capital, best practices, and operational strategies

●     Enable faster rollout of new services, saving time and money by leveraging lifecycle of services


Molaprise Business Process Automation (BPA) architecture includes open-source components and is comprised of the following functional areas:

●     User interface: Simplified modular user interface portal for a single pane of glass view

●     Process and workflow automation: Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 compliant workflow engine that devises and manages use cases, and aligned business/technical processes

●     Reusable Apps: Out of box use cases offer pre-built standard applications

●     Integration across controllers: BPA is pre-integrated with Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), but can also work with third-party or other controllers and orchestrators

Molaprise Business Process Automation

Investment Services and Support

Investment Banks & Asset Managers

Let's implement and integrate your OMS/EMS and provide support for your Front-to-back operation in compliance with the regulatory landscape. We have deep knowledge in capital market products.

Hedge Funds & Fund of Funds Services

Our professionals with middle office and trade lifecycle experience will deliver accurate NAV calculation to identifying discrepancies in reference data to reporting.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Services

You can focus on your core activities with our network of experienced private equity services professionals with the right technical expertise to support your day-to-day management of funds.

We Think End-to-End

Support Across Initiatives


Speed up your integration initiatives by leveraging a growing library of 500+ pre-built connectors. It enables you to build a rich digital ecosystem and accelerate connectivity across channels. Let's introduce you to our partner solution.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Let's enable rapid on-premises, cloud database, and application integration to and from Azure, AWS, GCP, Snowflake, Redshift, and more to meet your compliance needs and archiving.

Trading & Portfolio Applications

Our disciplined and agile implementation of trading and portfolio applications services ensures seamless integration with downstream applications and an efficient workflow processes.

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